2007 Babies
This year I will be placing all baby photos that I take on this page and pages linked from this page.
I will not be having pages specifically for each specie. Here are the Hatch Dates...

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July 16, 2007

First Blue Front Amazon Photos of 2007
at my Sister's Place of my BFA's.
Also, below are the Blue Head Pionus she has of mine too!

These are the first photos of the Blue Front Amazons that are at my Sister's Place...
She is raising these 5 Amazons and 4 of the Blue Head Pionus for me this year.
The are absolutely beautiful!

The one at the back of the tub was going to see if he could hide as he was going behind the tub!

My Sister says they are very sweet and they really seem to be too!

The parents... Olivia & Jessie produced 5 babies this year like they did last year.
They sure turn out beautiful babies!

Blue Head Pionus at my Sister's....

Here are the other 4 Blue Heads that have been up at my Sister's Place... she is doing a
great job with them. They were great with me and not afraid of me at all!

These guys are a bit over 2 months old now... they are on 3 feedings
a day and they are nibbling on some food slightly.

So I am happy to see how beautiful they look!
The babies that are mine that are up at my sister's will be brought here later on when weaned.


Back to the babies I have here ...

The babies were all lined up and grouped together waiting for their formula to be mixed
as they were getting eager to eat, this was their evening feeding!

More Photos to follow!

Oh, look! No new photos yet... but I do have 4 videos for you all to look at!
Keep in mind that there are 2 digital formats which are .MOV and .AVI files.
Choose either one that will download for you. The .MOV format should view
with QuickTime and are larger in Megabits than the .AVI files
and the .AVI format should view with Windows Media Player.

The videos are located under the Parent Directory of the site...

Baby Videos 2007


September 2, 2007 - Ah well, sure sorry that there has been no new photos placed here.
I've taken Photos but it's always one thing or another going on and the babies
have been comsuming my evening and time gets away from me!!
Anyway, all the babies are doing great and most are on one hand feeding a day.
Some are just about weaned and ready to go to their new homes. I have 5 newer babies
that are not pictured in with the ones you see on the pages. I still have 7 of my Blue Heads
at my sister's place that are still available and 3 more Blue Front Amazons as well!! So here at
my place I have 20 babies total and there are the ones at my sister's. So if anyone is still
interested in a baby... I have some as of this date.

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