2007 Babies
This year I will be placing all baby photos that I take on this page and pages linked from this page.
I will not be having pages specifically for each specie.  Here are the Hatch Dates...

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Blue Heads
June 12, 2007

The Blue Head babies are doing well since I brought them into the
house and are eating well!


Maximilian Babies
June 12, 2007

The Maxi babies are in a smaller tub while I was getting ready to
clean out their brooder so they could be on fresh clean dry bedding!

Are you talking to ME? I am listening!


Blue Head Babies
June 13, 2007


Coral Bill Babies


Maximilian Babies

Maximilian Hatchlings...


The 5 have now hatched out of the incubator, these 5 babies are
Bubble's babies and are not from the same parrents as the other
older ones that you see on the pages here. The one you see in the
smaller container was hatched out on 6/17/07 - Sunday - he was
the last of the 5 to hatch out!

Showing the Brooder Set up!

There are four Brooders set up at this time.


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