2007 Babies
This year I will be placing all baby photos that I take on this page and pages linked from this page.
I will not be having pages specifically for each specie. Here are the Hatch Dates...

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June 18, 2007

Starting off with Blue Heads ... Out to stretch and getting ready to eat!

As you can see, there is some green coming in on their wings now! They are
doing remarkably well at this time and eating about 20cc's of formula 4 times per day.

They are not capable of being out on the counter yet with out supervision... that will
come in time! They have been fed here in these photos and are happy!


Also on June 18th, 2007 - Are the Coral Bill Pionus... getting quite feathered out and
eating along 15cc's & 20cc's of formula 4 times per day.


June 18th, 2007 - The Awesome Maximilian Babies!

These Trio of Maximilians are nearly all feathered out! They too are eating the same
the BH's & CB's.

They are beginning to get curious about things around them.


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