2007 Babies
This year I will be placing all baby photos that I take on this page and pages linked from this page.
I will not be having pages specifically for each specie. Here are the Hatch Dates...

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July 1, 2007

The 5 youngest Maxi babies are doing very well. Each eating about 10cc's of formula
at about every 2-1/2 hours. Their ages range from 2 to 3 weeks old. I banded 3 of them
so far and the other 2 are still a little too small for their leg bands.

The 4 Blue Head Pionus are also doing very well! As you can see they are feathering out nicely now.
Eating 20cc's of formula at 4 times per day. They are starting to show interest in other stuff going on around them.

It's quite hard to get good photos of them sitting still....

Then the Maxi immediately come over to check the Blue Heads out!!
The blue colors are beautiful on their tails.

This photo is a little flushed from the flash.

This Maxi babies... to me - is absolutely beautiful! As you see the reddish colors just under
his lower beak, he/she will loose those red feathers at first molt.

A Blue Head flapping his wings for exercise. The Maxi babies are very interested in
the Blue Heads, when I put them on the counter the Maxi's and Coral Bills always
come running over to them!

The Maxi's are starting to try to climb onto things and a couple have tried to perch
and even 2 of them climbed out of the brooder by climbing up a toy!

A Coral Bill on left and a Maximilian on the right... both equally stunning!
The Coral Bills & 3 older Maxi's are eating about 20cc's of formula 4 times per day.

At this time, and hopefully on Monday we will get some babies DNA sexed.
The Coral Bills which are not for sale... I am hoping at least one is a male as he would
be put with a female that I have for the Coral Bill Breeder Program and could be put out
with her shortly after he weans.

More of the 5 Maxi gang in a small tub... off to the left of them...I picked out way too many
larger pieces of wood chips out of their bedding material which to me should not have large pieces
in the bedding, they are sharp and hard.

Four of the Maxi babies have their eyes opened except for the 5th chick, but within a
few more days, he will have his eyes opened. They are always eager to eat!

The Maxi's again come running over to check out the 5 babies in their tub... they are
surely curious!

Holding a Coral Bill Pionus and spectating as well is our Blue & Gold Macaw, Kuka.

Actually, this guy took a small first flight this evening!!

I keep towels on the counter, you'd be surprised at how the babies do not have their
footing on the counter yet... they slip and slide and need to strengthen their muscles more.

Such a routine now!

Another photo of the Coral Bill and Maximilian Pionus.

Showing some comparison in sizes in this photo.

I really like this photo of the 5 lined up.

The Blue Heads intermingle with the others... and of course a Maxi trying to feed or
at least get food from him. Its normal for them to do this... which is not always a good
thing because then one or the other will up-chuck some of the fomula.

Maxi's, Coral Bills and Blue Heads!

Coral Bill and Maxi Pi's.

Kuka loves to now sit up on this perch and watch the babies but she will not be able
to much longer as the babies start getting around more.

A Blue Head strectching his wing after I took him out of the brooder and he had also
been fed just prior to the photo.

A Blue Head.

Also, take a look on our Home Page as I did place 3 photos on there of the babies.


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