2007 Babies
This year I will be placing all baby photos that I take on this page and pages linked from this page.
I will not be having pages specifically for each specie. Here are the Hatch Dates...

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July 11, 2007

Left is Maxi #2, in center is Coral Bill #6 and Maxi #3 on right.

Maxi #2 plays with a toy!

Coral Bill #6 sitting on one foot!
(Coral Bills are not for sale)

The Babies huddle behind the jolly ball.

A Maxi #4 is sitting inside the entrance of the jolly ball.

The same Maxi sitting in the ball with the others going about their usual thing!

Coral Bill #6 is in the jolly ball now with Maxi #4 peeking below!

A Coral Bill raises his foot to scratch his cheek while Maxi #3 plays with a toy.

Maxi #2 sits up on the perch over the counter, he jumped up on it from the brooder!

Rest time is huddle time.

A similair photo to one above.

The 5 Maxi's are now pin feathering out and still can not be out on the counter to play with the others yet.

These guys are eating along 15cc's of formula 4 times a day.

In these next few photos this Maxi #3 is getting prepared for a flight!

So a flight is taken and he/she flies into the other room, so I get him and then have him fly back....

He/she flies back into where he left from and flies over the perch and lands on the floor.

Looking on!

A Blue Head exercises the wings too - although none of the Blue Heads have taken flight of as this time.

Just sitting and spectating!

We like to get really close to the edge of the counter.

A Coral Bill in the center decides to reach over to check out Maxi #4's foot, with Maxi #2 on right!

Maxi #3 in front with two Blue Heads and a Coral Bill playing with a toy.

We are Family!!
Left: Coral Bill #5, Maxi #4 and Maxi #3 on right.

A beauty within!

Maxi #4 walking about!

This is to give an overview of where I raise my babies at. They are raised right in my
very own Kitchen area. I do not have a designated Nursery area. Just my counter, it
has served its purpose for me for years... I doubt I will ever have an actual Nursery!
This photo is looking from my dining room & living room area which its all kind of
an open floor plan anyway.

Looking from this point of view...
Most often I bring people in through this door which comes in from our garage.
We rarely use our front door.

This is standing over by the hallway which is not far from the front door area.
We have two access points to enter the kitchen area.

This is standing right at the end of the counter!
This counter is 7-1/2 feet long by 3-1/2 feet wide... the babies love playing on it
and I have a perch that is mounted over the counter that is attached to the light that
is mounted to the cupboard that is above the counter. The marbled looking back board
you see up against the wall where the babies hang mostly near is there for keeping them
mainly from going behind the microwave over that sits off to the right side. They all love
that corner for playing in and resting in... it's a secure area for them!!

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