Coral Bill Pionus Babies From Pair # 1
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These babies are hand fed babies and will be paired with other unrelated off spring.


Jake & Gabby who are from 2008 baby season are brother and sister and are from pair #1. They are basically being held for future breeding stock. Also, Kyle and Girlie from 2007 baby season are being held for furture breeding stock. They are all 4 from the same parents.

Other good news to folks out there, IF ... pair #1 (Honey & Babe) have any babies for the 2009 breeding season, I will most likely put them up for sale. Should I have babies from any of my other pairs in 2009... they will not be for sale. As it is I already have the 2 extra males and 2 extra females from pair #1. Until my other pairs start producing, I will more less be at a stand still in making up other unrelated pairs. I am pretty much at my limit in space I have in my aviaires.

2009 Breeding Season
Coral Bill Pionus

For the 2009 breeding season, Honey & Babe laid two clutches of 3 eggs in each one and none of them made it to the pip stage. Some where fertile but for some reason the chicks died in their shells before hatch was due.


More info to come soon. Any questions? Please email me!

Update September 5, 2009
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