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Baby Bird Updates 2009

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August 28, 2009

I have a Maximlian that is handi-capped due to his right leg and right wing that was bit off in the nest from one of the parents. He is getting around pretty darn good. So you will see him among the babies playing. On this page are Blue Head, Maximlian and Blue Front Amazons. They all get along fine together. We are still a ways away from being weaned. They nibble some but never enough yet to have any amount of food in the crop on their own.

Here is a video of the 12 babies running around playing on the counter, some of them kept jumping on me while trying to take the video and was hanging from the camera strap! Enjoy!


September 25, 09

Life is just sometimes hectic! I have been busy on bird stuff and yet I just haven't taken any up to date photos of the gang. They are all doing well. The 3 Blue Heads are fully weaned as well as the 3 Blue Front Amazons. The 6 Maximilian's just are milking me for all its worth!! The Blue Front Amazons are nearly two weeks younger than the Maximilian's and yet the Amazons have been weaned for almost two weeks now!

I have two Coral Billed Pionus out in the nest still yet. I will leave them out there for another week or two or as long as weather holds up. These two will also be for sale, these will be the first two that I have up for sale. I also have 4 other Coral Bills from the past two previous baby birds seasons that I have decided to sell as my #2 pair has not produced yet to this date and I was holding those 4 to pair with their off springs, it's not going to happen and too soon so these 4 would be quite a bit older than the others if any were to exist from my #2 pair.

I still have babies available at this time so if at all interested, please contact me.

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Updated Sept. 25, 2009

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