Baby Blue Head

Hatched July 13th, 2003
Approximate wean date November 10th
This Baby Blue Head is no longer available.  He has been sold.
But you can still see the photos!


8/12/03    Baby Flynn


A few more photos taken today, there is not too much new info on Flynn.  The sample for the DNA Sexing was sent in yesterday on the 11th, so now we wait to see if he's - He or if she is a - SHE.  This was done at the request of the buyer.

Flynn may also be Micro Chipped as well.



Here in this center photo you can barely see a little green at the tips on the wings on the pin feathers.  Also, if you look closely you can see right almost at the tip of his beak, the egg tooth that is still present, do you see that little spot? Well . . . I do!

 Go to this page link to see a close up view of the Egg Tooth if you are not sure
 where it is located on the tip of the beak. 

 Flynn is one month old now.



Now . . . Flynn has some buddies to be with. 

I do not like to see a single baby all alone in a tub, so in went Flynn with the baby maxi's.  The maxi's being somewhat bigger have no qualms about Flynn being in the tub with them, in fact they help keep him snuggly warm and he really likes it.  All though the Maxi's would like to say SHUT UP Flynn, as he does his baby cry more often than they do.


Well here is the 'Girl', yes we had her DNA sexed, and he's not longer a he or a him!

But the name is still 'Flynn'  and becoming more cute and very very well I might add, yes indeed!

Dianne, the proud owner of this little girl is waiting so patiently for new photos of Flynn
every few days and I'm sure that is a hard thing to do but it will all be worth it, as Blue Heads
like most little babies await their new homes.


Although she is considerably smaller at this point than the other baby Maximilian's that she is sharing the tub with, she will eventually catch up in size.  Now eating approximately 12 cc of formula per feeding at four times a day she is always very eager to eat, no wasted time when it comes to eating!

Weighing in at 130 grams this morning.

Has a lot of new pin feathers coming in now.

Flynn will have a Micro Chip put in instead of a leg band at Dianne's request.  I will have it inserted later when Flynn goes in for her vet check up.

Check back in a few days for more pics and info.


Flynn is now eating 20 cc of formula per feeding.  The Blue feathers are starting to appear on the head and cheeks.

The back side of Flynn, you can see her little tail starting to grow in and see a little green at the tips.
                           A close up of Flynn's face which is a closer cropped view of the photo that you see the photo directly above it,
                           you can see a cast of slight bluish color in the face.

Side view as you see she is indeed becoming a cutie!                Here is Flynn with the 3 baby Maxi's in their tub.


Now isn't that a face you could love? I thought so!
She's getting cuter as the days pass by.  The blue on the head is now very noticeable.
The beak is turning slight with coloration.  Feathered on wings but still filling out with new feathers on the body.  The tail is about a 1/2" long with some pretty blue near the tips. 
What a lovely girl this is going to be.

 In this close up photo of her head, she is up against Maximilian baby.  This close up is a cropped version of the photo directly below.


Although Flynn is still smaller than the Maximilian she will eventually catch up
in size as we give her more time to grow.

Flynn is also eating about the same amount of formula that the Maximilian babies eat - 22cc of formula.

Flynn is 1 months old now.




Flynn is doing so well and feathering out nicely.
Pictured here in the tub she was playing with the toy but when I went to take the picture she stopped and looked up at me.

She has been able to now be on the counter and stays with out wanting to walk off the edge.  She can not yet be on a perch but it won't be much longer.  She likes it when the other babies are on the counter with her and she likes for them to cuddle up next to her, she is a pure sweetheart!

Flynn is just about completely feathered just a few small spots to fill in.  The blue on her is a pretty blue. You can see blue on the tip of her tail.  The ear patch area is turning slightly grayish to blackish. Also a bit of blue on the upper throat.

Such a pretty baby.  Flynn is still on 3 hand feedings a day.       Check back soon for more!



Flynn has been eating some on her own, unlike the other babies she is showing them up!  Here she is eating!
One day she had herself stuffed so full and she didn't want any formula that evening and all the other babies had nothing in their crops until I feed them their formula.  She has not done that quite like that since but she did have a small amount in her tonight.  This surprises me seeing that she was the one who started out with difficulties, so it goes to show you you never know how a baby bird is going to turn out!

Flynn - She is so sweet and so pretty.  Here she sits on the edge of her tub.  She has been staying in the cage during the day with the other babies but at night I have her stay in the tub.  All the other babies stay in the cage through the night.  Flynn has been on two hand feeding per day but if she continues to eat enough I may be able to cut her down to one hand feeding a day soon.

November Photos 2003 - Flynn and Sweetie both Blue Heads are outside to take a spray bath and are enjoying and this was the day before Flynn left from us to go with her new Mom, Dianne.  Jasper the Love Bird thoroughly loved Flynn and always sat and slept next to her.  He missed her after leaving here but he adopted Sweetie, he's not too picky as long as he can sit next to some one.

Flynn has left here and is on her way to Kansas by car with her new owner, Dianne on November 23, 2003
You can see Flynn's new photos her if you haven't seen them yet they were taken January 2004 by owner, Dianne. 
Thanks for contributing Flynn's most recent photos for her page, she is a special girl! JAN
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