Hatching of an Egg

    Blue Head Pionus Hatching pictured in sequence.  Hatched on September 2, 2002 @ 7:30 P.M.
    This is the first out of four eggs in the clutch to hatch. This egg was brought in to help with
    slight assistant as the chick had been taking too long and was starting to dry out in shell.

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                   Hatching in sequence...             





September 16th, 02
Not real good photos, here are two of the chicks in the nest with the Mama at 14 days old.
They are doing very well. This Mama Blue Head is a very good parent.  You don't see much
of the second chick but its in there.

We'll put some more updates on these chicks when they are pulled from the nest in about
a little over a week from now.

Go HERE to see the baby Blue Heads.

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Oct.1, 2013