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Blue Headed Pionus
   Blue Headed Pionus (Pionus menstruss) 11 in. (28 cm) Wt. 220 grams

Pionus Parrot's Website - Blue Headed PionusMy first impression of  the Blue Heads was Wow!
What a beautiful parrot.  The head is so rich with blue with slight pinkish color on the upper portion of the beak. These little beauties always take your breath away!

Deciding to breed the Blue Heads was not a hard decision to make. I had noticed sometime back  that the Blue head was not very plentiful on the pet market.  Now they have moved up quite quickly as being the most popular and requested of all the Pionus Species.  As with most of the Pionus species, there needs to be a lot more Pionus Breeders to help populate these beauties, and I'm not alone when I say this.  Even my breeding pairs of Blue Heads are somewhat easy going and tend to be friendly towards me but not in the sense that I can handle them or pet them.  During the breeding cycle they do not seem to get real aggressive towards me like like other species do.

Blue Heads are a nice parrot to keep as a pet.  With a small vocabulary like the rest of the Pionus'.  They are usually sweet with a nice personality.  The size of them are not much difference compared to the Maximilian even though the Maxi is slightly larger.   Blue Heads are probably the most wanted in the Pionus Species due to its beauty of color on the head.  This is my most requested bird that people ask for.  This is the bird that is going to make the Maximilian hard to get eventually because breeders will stop breeding them being that the Blue Head and the others are taking over by popularity.  

You can read or print out our 2 page PDF file on the Blue Headed Pionus Profile HERE

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