Coral Bill Pionus Breeder Pair # 5



Meet Cutie-Pi ... she is a female Coral Bill Pionus!

Cutie-Pi - she was not sure of the camera!

Female Coral Bill Pionus ... Cutie-Pi.

This is a "Unweaned" Future Male Breeder Coral Bill Pionus.

The Female Coral Bill pictured above (Cutie) in the first 3 photos at top of page is going to be paired with the male shown above (Bud) that will be put in with her soon. He is 2 months old shown above but when weaned he will go out to be with her. He will not be related to her as none of my Coral Bill are not related in any way. This will make Coral Bill Pair #5.

It will be at least 3 years before any sign of reproduction will take place with this pair. Possibly not until the year of 2010 ... The waiting will be worth it!

Updated as of January 2009 - Female Cutie who was an offspring from Queen's Pride Aviaries & my male who is Bud are now paired and in a cage together. I had a real tough time trying to pair up Cutie & Bud. My first attempt did not go so well and I immediately removed Bud from the cage and they remained apart but next to each other for another 3 months before I finally decided to move them to the other end of the aviary out of Cutie's normal territory. Now together, Cutie is still giving Bud a run for his money. Cutie tends to be a bit head strong! She seems to mostly chase him around when I am present near by or in front of their cage. Cutie actually liked me quite well so I think it is more less a jealousy thing. For the most part they are dong well. I doubt very seriously if they would be bonded enough to have a nest box for this breeding season of 2009. I'll have to wait and see.

Watch for photos as I will place a couple pics of Cutie & Bud soon!

Updated February 22, 2009
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