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Breeders to be aware of ...

Please do not let a Bird Breeder or Store tell you "It's No Big Deal To Hand Feed Baby Birds".

There are many breeders out there that sell unweaned baby birds and they will tell you its easy to hand feed and take care of them. 

Some breeders will also tell you that the baby is weaned. When in fact the baby  was not quite ready and is not able to eat on its own well enough.  This can result in a set back for the baby if  not ready to eat completely on its own.

There are many good breeders and there are many bad breeders and the same goes for stores and you must be able to tell them a part. 

My suggestion to you is: Please Don't Buy Unweaned Baby Birds. Don't let a breeder tell you that  'It's No Big Deal',
It's not fair to the baby bird to have a change in the hand feeder.  You will stress the baby tremendously and they may not wean properly and could turn out to be more of a finicky eater when it learns to eat on its own.  Babies need to stay in a well secure environment that it is use to until weaned.   Read on our Hand Feeding Page about some hand feeding risks.

There are numerous hand feeders out there that get babies just to hand feed and that's okay as long as they completely wean them before they sell you a baby.  A baby should be able to eat on its own for at least a week or more before they release it to you.

I'm not downing anyone who truly wants to learn to hand feed, but you have a lot to learn first. You must be at home mostly, babies are on a time feeding schedule and have to be kept a proper temperatures.  Baby Birds are a very time consuming effort.  It's at least a 3 to 4 month or longer process for medium to large birds.  It's a huge commitment. If new hatchlings are on a 2 hour feeding schedule then you will have a hard time doing other things away from the house, by the time you get there, it's time to turn around to go back home.  You can not be late or skip feedings. I basically go no where during baby season.  You must be very content to be able to stay at home.  Although you can take babies with you under certain circumstances.  Learn all you can before considering hand feeding baby birds.  There are no vacations coming your way, unless you are one who likes to pawn off your baby bird duties.  I have not been on a actual vacation in over ten years.  When its not baby season I will manage to get away for one night, but arrangements have to be made to have the breeder birds looked after.  I still always feel edgy about someone else taking care of them. 

Good Reputable Bird Breeders: They have the knowledge of the species that they raise.  Large commercial type bird farms are sometimes a  good place to buy baby birds from.  Many Small Breeders can be a good source to buy birds from and they usually have more time to give the attention and love to make them sweet babies.  Large breeders that have hired help in raising their babies will produce sweet babies too.

Pet Stores can be a good experience and sometimes not so good, please before you consider on buying a bird from a store be sure you have some knowledge on what you are wanting to purchase.  If you are interested in one of the stores birds, try to get as much background information about the bird before buying it, whether it be a baby bird or an adult bird.  Questions to ask would be:  where did the bird come from, how old is the bird, sex of bird, what is the bird's  current diet,  does it seem to get along with other birds.  There are other questions that you will probably be able to think of as you do your search on birds. 

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