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Bronze Winged Pionus
(Pionus chalcopterus) 11in. (28-20 cm)

The Bronze Wings general appearance is a subtle violet-blue, its first impression in low lighting is dull looking, the most beautiful colors appear in the sun light, this species has many colors that you don't notice at first glance.  The Bronze Wing is sweet as all the other species of Pionus.  They are pet quality and they talk about like the Maximilian.  They have become more popular over the past 5 years due to their colors and availability, although needing to be bred more, they are not that plentiful.  

We are having a problem at this time with our one Bronze Wing pair that we have left, the female has been laying fertile eggs in the last two years but she never seems to hatch them out on her own. I will have to start pulling them from her nest and incubate them to see if they will hatch.  Shown above is a single female named Yogi which is not a good photo and seems like any time I try to take a photo they hang upside down! 

The Bronze Wings I find to be a little shy and bashful.  They are the hardest to breed in the Pionus family next to the Dusky Pionus.  I have not had any babies from them yet but eventually I may get some, time will tell!  They are very pretty and seem to vary some in the coloring from bird to bird.

You can read or print out our 2 page PDF file on the Bronze Winged Pionus HERE

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Coral Billed Pionus

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