We Breed the Pionus Species

Here are some recent photos of Flynn the Blue Head Pionus
that was one of our 2003 babies.  She has blossomed into a beautiful girl. 
Owner Dianne just can't stop spoiling her!  Flynn and Dianne live in Kansas.

Flynn has a beautiful Play Tree and she has her
Stainless Steel Cage with lots of toys to keep her entertained. 

Flynn sits here as pretty as can be. 
Her head will still darken with the blue.

Flynn just can't get enough of these mini popsicle sticks as she chews on them all the time.

She likes shredding things up until it's gone!

Here is what Dianne wrote about her:

I would describe Flynn as sassy and independent - but still a "people" bird.  She would spend 24 hours a day on my shoulder if she could.  As for her independence, I noticed that even with her wings clipped she would fly clear across the room, land, and then run to find me.  (Not a good idea since we are staying temporarily in a two cat house.)  So, I took her to her new vet so they could "meet" and the vet clipped two more flight feathers on each side to curtail her flying.  Did it work?  Heck no...she just flaps harder to get where she wants to go!  She is utterly fearless.  Speaking of vets though, the avian vet said that Flynn was the most beautiful (perfect for the species) and healthiest bird she had seen in a long, long time.  She asked several times for the name of Flynn's breeder and commented several times on the beauty and health of her feathers.

Like all children, Flynn tests the limits, but learns very quickly.  She loves to haul her toys (on her playtop) to the edge and push them over.  I pick them up for her, and she throws them back over.  She could "play" the Oh-Oh! game all day long.  I think she likes her popsicle sticks the best, but she also loves her big stars, hearts and the toys which I can't describe, but you can see on the top of her play tree (yellow, round and plastic).  I push them onto one of the branches a little bit so she has to work to get it off - and, as soon as it is free - she launches it!  I'm sure you noticed that all her toys were constructed from Pionus Parrot toy parts.  She loves to chew and make the bells ring, too.

 She still loves her "Cook and Soak" which she has gets every morning.  I am testing Beak Appetit right now, but so far, not so good.  She fishes out the Cook and Soak to eat it and tosses the Beak Appetit overboard.  Finding the veggies she likes has been trial and error.  She likes apples, loves grapes, carrots (once in awhile), loves broccoli, LOVES snow peas, pears are okay, clover sprouts are "yucky" and sweet potatoes raw and cooked (nope), so, on and on we go!  I spend lots of time in the produce aisle of the grocery store.  She still has a very good appetite.

I am eager to get her "out and around" to meet my friends because I don't want to be the only one she will let touch her or play with her.  So, next we will work on socialization skills.   It has been COLD with both snow and ice underfoot.  I am waiting until it's safer to get my California girl out when it's not so bitterly cold.

 I know she misses her little buddy, "Jasper"  I thought she might think our canary, Finnegan, was a substitute.  Finnie made the mistake of landing on Flynn's play tree one day and Flynn immediately threatened him away.  Finnegan didn't stay around to discuss it!!

Again, Jan, thanks for posting her pictures.  She is a cutie, isn't she?


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