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Chester - Hawk Headed Parrot


Shown below is a video and some photo images of Chester, our Hawk Headed Parrot.

In this video is Chester with a Coral Billed Pionus named Puff. They loved
each other and loved to eat together. Since this video was taken Puff has moved
to Texas to be a future breeder in another aviary. Chester has again established
another great friendship with another Corall Billed Pionus named Gabby. They
share the cage and eat and sleep together.

This is Chester and he is a Hawk Head Parrot and is a DNA sexed male and
is now10 years old in 2009.

Quite a sight to see when his ruff (neck feathers) is standing!
They can stand more outward than what this photos shows.

Hawk Head Parrots can be very aggressive and Chester is nice to me and when I first had him, he use to attack others who came near him often at times.  Chester would attack any of the other birds that he got close enough to. Since I have now had him for 4 years, he has mellowed out a lot and seems to love the other birds around him now. Hawk Head Parrots can get easily aroused with no warning at all. Chester weighs 260 grams.  Hawk Head Parrots are VERY noisy too!! Never do I allow him on my shoulder and just a bit below chest level while sitting on my arm is how I hold him.

Close up of Chester eating which is usual for him as he is a chow hound!

Chester is a very good eater and loves to eat!

Here you can see the nape area that has the two colors which is quite unique looking!

The chest has the same colors throughout as the nape feathers.

Chester and me!



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