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A Young Girl Who Loved Life


    In Memory of Jen
       Jennifer Marie
March 18, 1983 - July 4, 2001

Here are more photos of our daughter Jen and her art work.  She was very active. She was a fun person to be around.  She loved hiking and the outdoors with passion. The photo on the left is where she was repelling from the rocks.  She loved 'Repelling' high from above and come down the rocks.  She picked up this sport during the last three months of her life and she got pretty good at it!   The center photo, she was in Yosemite balancing on a rock in the water.  On the right she was at an amusement park.  Her favorite musical group was the Grateful Dead.  She loved snow boarding.  She also loved art. Jen was always drawing something.  She entered and won several art contests through out her years of school. Jen was an 'A' Student and she had graduated high school early and she had gone to a local Junior College to take on some Wild Land Fire Fighting classes and she had just finished her training.  She was so excited to go on her first real fire.  She did not get to experience her first real fire. Two weeks later after her training she  was killed as a  pedestrian in a 'hit and run accident'.  She was just 3 months into being 18 years old.  Jen won't get to experience the rest of her life, it was taken from her.  Jen was loved by everyone who came to know her.  Her smile glowed from a distance.  She was admired by many by the things she did.  It was always said by most that knew her that she was 'Free Spirited', and she was. Jen was good with handling the parrots, she had been around them since she was three years of age.  She would sometimes help me hand feed the babies or would fill in if I needed to be away for a short while. 

Jen is missed by us tremendously and by many others.  Each and every day is another hard day to face without Jen.


Jen was a beautiful blue eyed & blonde haired girl.  She was 5'8" tall.   She loved running and had very strong legs.  Most could not keep up with her when hiking.  She had endurance, she just kept going!  Jen hiked with her dog Koko a lot, they both stayed in shape that way. Now with Jen gone, Koko has put on weight from not getting the exercise that she use to.

Jen and Tim
- Tim was Jen's Boyfriend but they had kind of called quits after a two year relationship not long before Jen's death.  Like the rest of us, Tim was devastated as well as everyone else was over Jen's death.  Jen was the love of Tim's life just as he was for her.  But since Jen has left all of us, Tim has found someone else to share his life with which was a friend Jen's, so now the two of them are living in Maui, Hawaii and they now have a child of their own.  Tim is also Felix's owner and I was to take care of Felix for a while while Tim gets a life going in Maui and then Tim would get Felix once he was situated.  Now nearly 5 years later, I still have Felix.... he will remain with us as he will not be able to go to Tim now.

In the photo above, they went to Yosemite in Central California to go Snow Boarding and was a well loved sport the two of them loved to do.

     Jen & Tim had went to a near by Indian Pow Wow held at Glen Helen Park.     Jen in a Canoe.

                                                            Here are a couple of photos of Jen Smiling happily!

Jen loved going in the plane, this was on her last Birthday when she
 turned 18 just 3 months before her death, she really loved it and got to fly the
  Ultra Light Plane a bit by herself, of course with the pilot sitting next to her.

Here Jen is holding our B&G Macaw, Kuka on right and
 on her left is a young Military Macaw that was one of our babies.

                                     Jen entered a contest with a well known                                  Baby Maximilian nestled in a tree.
                                   catalog, GYPSY ROSE
 that  won her $250. in catalog                          Jen's Parrot Drawings
                               merchandise and her art work on the cover of the catalog.  




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