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"My Eagle Moments"


There one thing I like to do, do you know what it is?
If you guessed showing off my wings, you are right!  Spreading my wings wide open makes me feel like I'm an eagle ready to fly.
If you notice my flight feathers were clipped a while ago so they have grown back in at different lengths, but still showing off gives me great pleasure.  My Mom says "Be an Eagle" and out goes my wings, I stretch them as far wide as I can! 

You should have seen my wings before my Mom clipped my flight feathers, they were beautiful, that's when my Mom should have taken pictures of me, so next time before she starts clipping I will remind her to get the camera and take better pictures of my wings.  I always have beautiful tail, so if I only had flight feathers I bet I could fly.  My Mom gets real scared of me flying away especially when she takes me in and out of the house.  I don't exercise my wings like I'm going to fly away, but you never know when that right moment might strike my thoughts of flying!


In these two photos I'm preparing to spread my wings, I like to work up to the great opening of "Be an Eagle"! 


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