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Kuka's Baby Photos
When I was an itty bitty baby . . .


   I was Hatched on September 22, 1992 - I am now 21 years old.

  Kuka on right with brother, Kuki  9/26/92               Kuka Being fed 9/26/92                    Kuka on right, Kuki on left  10/16/92

            Kuka after feeding 10/23/92                   Kuka exercising wings  11/01/92                  Kuka fast a sleep 11/07/92

            Kuka sitting up  11/07/92                      Kuka eating from syringe  11/07/92           Kuka sleeping after playing  11/10/92

Did my Mom tell you that when I was hatched, I was not a well bird?  I was born with problems. I had respiratory problems.
My Mom had to give me injections in the breast area. I did not want to eat and I would throw up my baby formula a lot. As
time went on I got a little better, but I didn't want to eat to good. My Mom had a big job on her hands trying to take care of me.
I was just at 6 months old when I was weaned. When you're a sick bird it takes longer to be weaned. My brother, Kuki was also
sick like me and it took him almost 8 months until he was over his problem.  We have both been fine since our early years. 
Now I am a feisty Macaw and spoiled rotten!

Kuka and Kuki was bought from another breeder and was hatched in an incubator, the bacteria might have started in the incubator
or it could have been inherited from the parent birds, but dealing with a sick bird is not an easy task.  Kuka seems to be normal in
every way.  She is a great eater, plays well, talks well.  They say when a bird has had problems of sickness like that it can take
years from their life.  Lets hope that's not the case with Kuka. Kuki is my sister's bird.  Hope you have enjoyed Kuka's Page and all her Photos!

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