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Saving a Maximilian's Life...

This is a Baby Maximilian Pionus at about 30 days old .

I have had my sister's 4 Maxi babies who are near the same age as my Coral Bill baby. I was keeping her birds for a while seeing that I needed to care for them while her husband was to have cancer spot removed from his cheek area on his face. I have had them for 3 weeks now...

So yesterday on September 3rd - 2006 - approximately around 4 in the afternoon, I was feeding my sister's babies... while feeding the one who is the youngest of the 4 Maxi's was eating fine and taking it in with no problem what so ever when all of a sudden he stopped and then was starting to fall forward... he suddenly went limp, his eyes almost immediately started to glaze over... he was not responding and he was not coming around... this all happened within 15 seconds after he went forward. I thought he was about dead. I panic a bit as this has never happened to me, I have heard of it happening but never in my years of hand feeding has it happened to me.

I called Reg in which I knew he would not know what to do at all - he says well you have to do something, I said I do not know what I should do and by now nearly a minute has gone by since he went into this mode... so I get him off the towel and pick him up and gently open his beak a little and gave a little tiny puff of air into his beak... waited 5 seconds and did it again for a total of 3 times, he started to come around. I continued to do this for a total of about 8 times... he was then starting to move his eyes and I could see his tongue move and then he started making his little sounds. His eyes then perked up and at this point he was still a bit not sure of things.

What Happened you might ask? This may have been a form of near aspiration, in which I think not really much formula went into his lungs and it may have sealed off his air way and by me blowing a light amount of air into his beak was enough to clear it. The little guy was eating fine and was not resisting food at all nor was I trying to feed at too fast of a rate. I was very nervous about it happening but took it upon myself to at least try to get air into him because at that point I had nothing to loose and every thing to gain by trying it as his little body laid there lifeless had I not done anything for him. Time was critical at that point - there was not time for hesitation to be stammering around for thoughts of what to do!

I called my sister of course right away and told her what had happened. She would not have blamed me in the least had he died as she is a ware this can take place and she knows I hand feed well and it could happen at any given moment. She was happy as well as I was that he did come back to life!

He is fine and doing well and should feel no effects from this. I am most happy! The photo was taken of him on the next feeding after this had happened to him! He is a sweetie! They are all though!

Now on September 8th, 2006 he has shown no problems due to this since this had happened to him. Many birds die when this happens to them, they often do not pull out of it. I recall my sister telling me that it happened to her one time with a baby, but that baby did come back around on his own and I am not sure if this one would have or not, it appeared that he was not going to and I was not going to take any chances and wait to see and by giving him air nearly right away... this is what he needed to make him pull out of it.

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