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Maximilian Pionus

  (Pionus maximiliani) 11 in (29-30 cm) Wt. 240 grams

The Maximilian Pionus is the most popular among the Pionus species due to their availability.  They are the best talkers in the Pionus family. Being that they are the Plain Jane of the Pionus group, they often get over looked. The personality of them is over whelming. They are devoted to you, thriving on attention. They learn to talk fairly quick. Their vocabulary can be very surprising. For Instance, the Maximilian that is on the home page of our site;  Felix, says a few words about his previous owner who has been away. The owner's name was Tim and Felix would ask most every day "Where's Tim?" I would reply back to Felix, "Tim's in Hawaii". Now Felix will say to me sometimes when I walk up to him, "Where's Tim? Tim's in Hawaii - I love Tim". He does not say this as often as he did for a while, he will occasionally ask 'Where's Tim'. 

Felix was hand fed by me so he has come to know me as his mom. I have watched and kept care of Felix for most of his 11 years of age. He lived with Tim on and off when Tim lived near us and  now that Tim is in Hawaii, he's with me. Felix will not be going to stay with Tim as it has been way too long and would not be fair to Felix to up root his life here with us now.  Tim had many opportunities to get Felix but has not done so.  I have offered Tim another young hand fed baby in place of Felix, so when Tim is good and ready and I have a weaned baby Maxi available, him getting another bird and starting over fresh so the new bird becomes better acquainted with Tim. I really think Felix would not be happy with him now as too much time as gone by.  Although he might adjust to Tim again and his new surroundings but it is now not an option and it will not take place.  Who is Tim? Tim was my daughter's boyfriend when she died 15 years ago in July 2001.

The one good thing about the Pionus, they seem to take things easily.  Felix never seems to get stressed over the many changes that has comes his way. He  is very easy going.  He cannot seem to get enough love scratches from me. He is very loving towards me at times and yet can change with no warning but this is not a problem. Pionus' in general seem to have an easy going out look on things.  There are some who may be a little timid, but it's not in their nature to be like that.  As like most birds, they like to be sweet talked to.  They don't like it when you talk rough to them just as most animals don't like rough tones in a voice.  Felix also has a side to him that is suddenly triggered and next thing you know he can be quite aggressive.  When he does this I just put him back on his T-Stand or on the cage and let him get over it and when I come back to him a few minutes later he is usually over it and acts loving again.  I don't know why birds do this.  I've noticed that if its something that gets him really excited, this is when he does it.  I most always know when he's going to do this so I can usually get out from being bit.  I do not look down upon birds that do this, many species do it and I think its just a part of parrot behavior.  No need to send them to Military School to straighten them out!  This behavior should not keep you from wanting a parrot.  You will need to know how to read body language and understand parrots.  It's not hard to do once you've had parrots for a while.  Pionus Parrot's Website - Maximilian Pionus "Felix".

The Maximilian is fun and out going, please don't over look this particular species.  When I got my very first Maximilian my husband said "Why do you want such a plain looking bird?" I said "Because they are really sweet". After having him for a short while my husband began to see why they are worth having, the personality over rides the plain look of them.  I find them beautiful in every way.  Like the Military Macaws they are the plain jane of the macaw family and I think they are so strikingly beautiful.  People tend to want vibrant colors when they have bird.  The Maximilian has more colors in its personality then you would know what to do with.  As the other Pionus species become more popular and are more plentiful this will make the Maximilian less of a demand in the pet trade.  We need to be sure to keep on breeding birds like this as they will diminish if not kept in the pet market.  The Orange Wing Amazon has become like that,   I'm not sure why they were not very popular because they have very nice colors on them.  As the years went by they were getting very hard to find and they are now making big come back into the pet trade. 

You must ask yourself is it colors or personality that you want in a parrot.  Both are nice to have but don't overlook a bird just because it may not be as strikingly colorful as another one. 

The Maximilian Pionus is Awesome!

You can read or print our PDF File on the Maximilian Pionus HERE

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