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We offer a few of our pages in PDF file format. This allows you to view or print it out with ease. You may use our material from the PDF's that we have documented.

You can print just one page from a PDF file by going to printer set up and select 'Current Page' that you are viewing and it will print the page you are viewing.  If you want to print a section of the pages in a document then select 'Pages From' and 'To Pages' fill in the desired pages that you want to print.  If you want to print the entire PDF document then select to print 'All'.  You can also 'Save' the URL Address of the PDF on your computer.

6/2008 - I have made up the profile for each Pionus specie in PDF's and many other PDF files to follow as well, so watch for those, some are list below now!

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General Pionus Care
(PDF File for 'General Pionus Care' was updated on 6/4/08)
PDF File size of  "General Pionus Care" is 345 KB (20 Pages)

Blue Headed Pionus Profile
(PDF File for 'Blue Headed Pionus Profile' was updated on 6/7/08)
PDF File size 147 KB (2 Pages)

Maximilian Pionus Profile
(PDF File for Maximilian Pionus Profile was updated on 6/9/08)
PDF File size 350 KB (2 Pages)

Dusky Pionus
(PDF File for 'Dusky Pionus Profile' was updated on 6/8/08)
PDF File size 311 KB (2 Pages)

Bronze Winged Pionus
(PDF File for 'Bronze Winged Pionus Profile' was updated on 6/8/08)
PDF File size 117 KB (2 Pages)

Coral Billed Pionus

White Capped Pionus

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can Download it for free.

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