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Our Pet Chihuahuas


Kita, Buddy & Sally and last be not least... "Sadie" too!!

                                                 This is the Next day after getting Buddy                   Here he is in a basket after having him for a few days.
                                                 He is 7 weeks old and weighed 1 lb. 9 oz.

       Here's Buddy at about 9 weeks old, he plays with the rope and is very active and has sharp teeth!  His ears do not really stand up well at this time.

                                       This is Kita, she is a Long Haired Chihuahua and she is almost 4 years old, weighs  7 pounds.
                                                Kita tolerates Buddy, she does like playing with him.  Sometimes Buddy does not know
                                             when to stop playing with her.  When Kita is in a playful mood she likes to nip him in the Butt!

                                                       Kita is crunching on kibble.                          This is one of her favorite positions.
                                                    Kita has some type of seizures every once in awhile, maybe every one to two months apart. 
                                                    Until she has them closer together we can't or don't know what to treat her for, what type of
                                                    epileptic seizure it is.  The vet said it is better to let her have them as long as they are far apart,
                                                    rather than treat her for something that we don't know what type it is.

Here is a close up of Kita.  Buddy and Kita are getting a long
well and playing together a lot more.

                                                                   8/23/03  -  Buddy now weighs 3 pounds.  His ears are standing up straighter.

Aw . . . Another new Chihuahua!  Yeah but this is going to be Buddy's future wife!
Yes, that's right we are going to have some pups some day.  Don't worry this is the only
male and female I am going to breed.  No more than that.  But for now the two of them are
5 months apart.  Sally was hatched - opps! I mean she was born in September

Here is Sally posed next to a 2 liter bottle of soda and sleeping in her little basket that Buddy use to stay in when he was her age.
This basket measures 12" x 12" x 6" high in a heart shape.  In the basket she lays next to a stuffed animal that is a chipmonk.

Sally is mainly black with some brown and white, she's cute! 
Posing next to a chocolate chip bag and sitting in her basket.
Sally weighs 1 pound 10 ounces at 8 weeks old.

Here they lay next to the wood stove on the floor but as soon as I got the camera out Sally got up. It's one of those moments
of  " Oh, I should get out the camera that would be a neat shot", just when I do she gets up, the moment was lost!
Buddy weighs a bit over 6 pounds now, weighing a bit more than he should.  Buddy loves playing with Sally now but he
didn't at first and Kita still does not want much to do with her at this time.

Updated: We no longer have Buddy & Sally.
Kita is now 9 years old.
We do have another small Chi named Sadie....
Which I will add in photos of her soon!

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