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We have found some of our photos used on other Web Sites that did not have permission to use them. Our photos and text is copyright protected. We have taken every measure to be sure that we did not use anyone else's photos.

We have over 5,200 photos through out our website.  No reproduction of our photos or text is to be used for Web Site use or for any other purpose. All text and photos on this site other than animated graphics, mapquest.com images, photos from Our Viewer's Photo Page Belong to  http://www.pionusparrot.com 

You might see other websites that have our photos,  if you should see any of our photos that you may recognize, please notify me.  You may find some of our photos thru the search engine images, they are indexed from webcrawlers/robots and placed in their searches.

Please 'Do Not Use Our Photos or Text- They Belongs To Us, Not You'! This applies to ALL photos on ALL of our websites!

If we see a photo of ours used on your site, you will be contacted if you have not had prior consent and ask for it to be removed from your site.

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