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The Quarantine Period
Quarantine protects your existing birds as well as your new bird.


If the bird you just brought home is your very first bird, then a quarantine is not necessary.  If you purchase a new bird and if you have other birds you should quarantine the new incoming birds and it is necessary to be sure the new bird is not bringing in a disease or illness that could effect your other birds.   Quarantine is an area away from other birds. The quarantine should last for 30 to 45 days.  The further away the better, although some of us do not have a place far enough away from other birds, but even if you do it in your house make it in a room where your other existing birds do not come in contact with that area what so ever.

Take  precautions going from your other existing birds to your new bird.  You should always take care of your other birds first and then take care of your new bird last.  Wash your hands well.  In a true quarantine you would also disinfect shoes, clothing or change your clothing and such but most don't really tend to following that guideline.

As time goes by you will be watching for signs of how the bird looks and acts along the way through out the quarantine process. Notice how the eyes and nostrils look as time goes by.  Is the bird being active, playful or does it just sit there.  If the bird is timid he may just sit and not be too active but as time goes by he will be more comfortable and relaxed and should start moving about more frequently.  How well is the bird eating and drinking.

You will start your quarantine after you take your bird to the vet for a check up.  If the bird leaves your place to go back to the vet or where ever there might have been other birds then you must technically start the quarantine process over starting at day one.

If you have other birds and you don't quarantine the new baby bird that you buy from us, then you will void your Health Guarantee.

Print out the  PDF Quarantine Form  - please read info above on this page and understand it and fill out the Quarantine Form and sign it and bring it when you come to pick up your baby bird from us.  To print the form below highlight the boxed area of text and in printer set up choose selection and print. We will provide this form to you if you don't bring it with you at time of pick up.

For Best Print Out Results... Please Print our our PDF Quarantine Document


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  Answer questions, sign and return to us by the time you pick up your baby bird.

  1. Do you already have birds at home?  Yes     No
  2. How many birds do you currently own?  1-3    More than 3 birds
  3. Do you have an appropriate room or location to set up for a quarantine area?  Yes     No
  4. Do you understand that quarantine should last for 30-45 days?  Yes     No
  5. Do you agree to take your bird into have a vet check if your want your baby covered under our 3 day health guarantee?     Yes    No

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