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From Kuka's Page. . . and the story goes on. . . .

Updated: 2013 - we no longer have this nice Scarlet Macaw, she went to live with a gal in New Mexico in 2006 to be with another of her kind!

Here's the story from our Kuka's View point ...

Now my Mom really went and did it,  she just had to go and bring home this big red beast!  This bird's name was Stubby but is now named Starla. She is a female Scarlet Macaw.  This Scarlet Macaw is 18 months old now.  My Mom bought her from a lady near by.  Starla's other Mom did not want to keep her because she has a male B&G Macaw and she thought when they become sexually mature they may want to mate and she did not want her male B&G to turn on her and love the Scarlet, so she sold her to my Mom.  Starla's toes and wing tips were bit off in the nest by the parent birds when she was a baby after being hatched out. 

She is very sweet and loving and gives lots of kisses.  My Mom has taken photos of me and Starla near each other, see them below.

First Photo - This is Starla deep into eating her Beak Appetit, she always loves this along with her Hand Weaning Food.  Then you see
Starla laying in the little dog's bed on her back playing with the dog rope, I saw her like this so I had to run and get the Camera!

Here you see Starla playing on the 'Atom' which really belong to the other Pi's but she likes going on top
of their cage to play with some of their toys.  Then you see her playing with a white Wiffle Ball, we were bouncing
it and she was playing fetch, she likes the way it bounces on the hard floor.

Starla, Mom (Jan) 

    Starla getting into the file cabinet.... "File Clerk".

Starla on her cage... what a long tail! This is one of her "curious" looks!

                                             Kuka showing off in front of Starla.                                       Both on a T-Stand together.                                             


Here in this photo you can see how her toes have been bit off part way on each toe, she has only one toe nail on her
 right back toe.  She can never fly because she is missing the outer wing tips that make up her flight feathers on both sides.

Here she is eating from the dish. 

Starla would keep climbing up to the top of her toy hanger and try to chew on the acoustic ceiling,
so now I have wrapped it with one inch cotton rope and because of her toes being short and no nails
she can not climb up it to the top, so the problem was solved!

It never entered my mind as to how important a birds long toes and nails really are until we had Starla. There are some things that she can't do that other birds can do who have normal feet. Starla can not hang from a perch upside down with her feet and she also can't  pull her self back up by wrapping her toes around the perch and grasping the perch with her beak and pulling herself up like other birds do.  When she is on her T-Stand she often slips when moving about and then I catch her hanging by her beak waiting for me to rescue her, there she is just hanging by only her beak with her feet dangling about.  I guess if left unnoticed she would eventually just drop to the bottom of her T-Stand.  She has to be supervised a little closer than others. Being that her toes were bit off when she was a hatchling, this is the only way she knows.  She can hold most food items in her foot if not too large.  I felt a little awkward when holding her when I first had her, she felt like she was going to fall and didn't feel balanced as well as birds with normal feet but now I feel comfortable when holding her feet with my hand.  Starla is a great lovable pet bird and has a very sweet disposition.

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