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                                                                                              'Nani' - Orange Wing Amazon
                                                                                           Owner - Debbie - Rialto, CA.
                                                                                     Hand fed baby from Jan @ Pionus Parrot


  'Noah' - Blue Front Amazon

   Owner - Lisa

   Lincoln, Nebraska


- Congo African Grey                                                                      'Buddy' - Sun Conure
                                                                                                        Owner - Debora Vaughnsville, Ohio


 'Tikki' - Congo African Grey

  Owner - Krystal
  Bournemouth, UK



                                        'Caby' - Blue Head Pionus                                                             'Baby Girl' - Sun Conure
                     Lori Michelle New Orleans, LA.

                                                          'Horus' Dusky Pionus                                                        'Artemis & Apollo' Quaker Parakeets
                                                                                                  Owners Brandi & Chris - Rush City, Minnesota

'Charlie' Blue Head Pionus    Owner  -  Charolette   Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK
'Oliver'  Maximilian Pionus     Owner  Tristana    San Diego,  California  (From our 2003 Babies)

'Tori'  White Front Amazon  
Owner Tim & Tracey  - New Mexico

                  'Itty Bitty'  Blue Front Amazon
     Owner Bobbie  -
Kennewick, Washington                Click Tree Photo to Read Story & See Larger Images of Itty Bitty.

If anyone has parrot photos that you would like to share, Email Photos to:
jan AT pionusparrot.com
replace the AT with @ and remove spaces in my email address.


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