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White Capped Pionus
(Pionus senilis)  9.5 in. (24 cm) Wt. 190 grams


Pionus Parrot's Website - White Capped Pionus

The White Capped Pionus all differ in personality. Being one of the smallest of the Pionus species, the personality is pretty good. Over all body shape is the same as all other Pionus Species.  They have outstanding colors from head to tail.  The personality is fun and clownish, don't stop short of leaving this little Pionus from a possible pet, they are very much pet quality!

You may see two different colors in the eye rings when comparing various White Caps. One has a more coral like color in the eye ring while other White Caps may have a lighter cream color eye ring, also their feet may have similar colors to their eye ring. This is also applies to the Bronze Wing Pionus as well where eye rings will differ from one Bronze Wing to another.

White Caps are found frequently among breeders.  As time goes on the whole Pionus Species are being more and more populated.  The Pionus was not recognized too much back ten years ago.  More people are becoming familiar with what a Pionus is.  I still have many people not knowing what a Pionus is.  The Pionus species are quiet and calm birds, I tell people.  They make great birds for people who live in apartments.

I have found the White Cap Pionus to be sweet in many ways but they also can tend to be somewhat pushy, domineering, territorial as well when you compare them to the rest of this specie. Pionus Parrots can all  vary in personality, keep that in mind with parrots in general.  I have had many people go by what they saw in one parrot and think it is true with all of that kind of specie.  They all talk with a little with a raspy sort of sound in the voice.  Length of vocabulary is not extensive but can be surprising. 

Whether it be White Cap, Maximilian, Blue Head or Bronze Wing,  You can't loose.  They are the Best, Simply The Best!

There are many other parrot species that are great, too! Each is uniquely wonderful.  The wonders of the tropical parrots kingdom is magnificent!

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