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Advertising on Pionus Parrot's Forum

We offer Banner Advertising Subscriptions for any avian related website that we place on our Forum.
You do not have to be a member to advertise your avian website.
Your avian website can be regarding birds, bird foods, supplies, toys, cages and so on. Ads are paid through PayPal below.

Banner requirements:

Banner must be an exact size of 728 x 90 pixels
Image file size is not to exceed 400 kb.

Advertise on our forum

(actual banner size)

You must create your own banner then when it is ready you can email it to Jan on the contact page [opens new window], there is an area where you can attach an image to email us. You must be sure to give the correct website address (URL) that the banner is to be linked to. We can host the image if you can't do so.

You can pay here for a banner advertising subscription for Pionus Parrot's Forum right below. You can also Donate any dollar amound if you would like to help support with other forum costs, this does not apply to ads.
$15.00 /Monthly
Subscription is recurring monthly.
You can cancel anytime.

$100 Yearly

Subscription is recurring
for up to 2 years, there
after you must subscribe again.

Unsubscribe/Cancel from Subscription


The Donate button takes you to our
Blu's Bird Toys PayPal page.
Enter any dollar amount you'd
like to pay. All funds goes towards
our Pionus Forum

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