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       A Blue and Gold Macaw's point of view . . .  

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Hi, I can talk! Can you fly? My name is Kuka and I am the pet Blue & Gold Macaw. I know, you think I am pretty and you are right! Are you wondering how do I fit in with all these Pionus'? I do just fine, as long as I don't get too close to them, because if I get too close I want to bite their little heads off! Why? Because I am really jealous of them, they take up a lot of my (human) mom's time when it is baby season. My mom has to do a lot of hand feeding, oh wait a minute, now that I think of it I like baby season. You see, I am now 16 years old and when my mom feeds the babies, she will sometimes  give me some left over baby formula and I really like it. Yummy, I pump it right down. I'm not sure why I still like it, but I do.
I have shared the house with a few other pet Pionus', White Cap Pionus' named 'Muffin, Nunya & Gator',   Blue Head Pionus named 'Sweetie-Pi' and the other one is an Maximilian Pionus named 'Felix'.  Also, A Hawk Head Parrot named 'Chester' Another Maximilian named 'Bentley' who is in a cage with a Coral Bill named 'Puff' and a Love Bird named 'Jasper'.   We have Felix because my mom is taking care of him for a friend who has been in Hawaii for a long time. Felix was hand fed by my mom, so he loves her a lot. You can see Felix's picture on our home page, see how pretty he is. Look at the picture above, I am licking the beater that my mom gave to me, she takes off most of that stuff on there being that it isn't really too healthy for me, but I sure love it anyway! I like being around all the other birds, I get to go out side a lot. I spend most of my summer out side, even at night time. Two summers ago my mom tried to pair me up with another male breeder Blue and Gold that didn't have a mate. I didn't give that male a chance to try to touch me, if he came too close I would beak fight him, he was kind of afraid of me and that's the way I wanted it. So by the end of summer my mom brought me back in the house before it got cold. The bottom line is that the male and I was not compatible.
Did you see the picture of me on the other page of photos where I am sitting on the computer monitor? There I am helping my mom write this special page about myself. Yes, I am spoiled. I can talk pretty good and I can count to 5 and 5 is my favorite number and 4 is my next favorite number. I always call my mom when I want attention, when I call out to her I say "Mama" and that is exactly how I say it. If she ignores me then I scream out "Mama, Mama" then she comes to me. I have her trained pretty well. I am potty-trained, I rarely poop on my mom or on the floor and if I do, I say "bad".

Here in the picture above is the Long Haired Chihuahua, her name is Kita. She may not look like a Chihuahua, but she is and she's cute but I am jealous of her too. We have another dog named Koko, she is a German Shepard. She is cool, I don't have to worry, my mom doesn't have to take time out to hold that big dog. See Kita and Koko playing, that is when Kita was a pup. She is almost 7 years old now and Koko is just about 9 years old. Koko and I like to go out side on the lawn. Cats? No cats! Although I meow like a cat, but I don't have one clue as to what a cat is. My mom says that a lot of adult cats are larger than Kita, Kita weighs 8 pounds. I weigh 2 pounds and 4 ounces.(1,010 grams) 

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Here I am in the first photo shown below; ready in the van to go to my Aunt Sue & Uncle Don's house. I like watching all the cars pass by on the road, I say hello to them as we pass all the cars but they never say hello back to me. In the second photo, is Jenny (human sister) she always flipped me upside down on top of her head, she was my most favorite person next to my mom. I think I liked her better than my mom, but don't tell my mom. When Jenny would hold me and if my mom came to close I would try to attack my mom. And if I am sitting on my mom and Jenny came anywhere near I would bite my mom in the face. But I don't have Jenny anymore, she died July 4th, 2001 from a tragic auto related hit and run accident. She was 18 years old. We miss her a lot, and her dog Koko doesn't understand why she is not coming home and waits for her out by her car all the time. In the third photo Jenny and I liked to look in the refridge often, Jenny love to cook she was vegetarian kind of like me, and I would sit on her shoulder all the time when she would dice up all the veggies, it was a lot of fun.   In Memory of Jen

I have a brother Blue and Gold, but he lives with my mom's sister. We were nest mates, hatched out 4 days apart. I was hatched out on September 22, 1992. My mom hand fed me from the time I was 2 weeks old, I was able to say "Mama" by the time I was 2 months old. I was a smart baby bird. I also have human brother, named Barry and a human Dad named Reg and my human Mom's name is Jan. They all love me very much and I love them!
Join us back here another time for other new pictures of me and my pals.
Thanks for reading my page. Bye for Now . . . .

Read about Wing and Nail Clipping it's what I hate most about being a bird! But it's for my own good!

October 21, 2002 - I have moved back into the house to stay in for the winter.  But I sometimes still go outside for just the day when it is nice and warm. I go into another cage area when I go out because the cage that I was in that is now occupied by some other birds.  I am use to the many changes so it doesn't bother me where ever my mom decides to put me.  When I want her attention I just sit there and call 'Mama'.  
Bye-Bye! for now. . .

April -2003

Here I am on my new T-Stand.  My mom thought I was turning into a 'Perch Potato' on my other T- Stand, as I didn't have to move at all to reach my feed or water bowl.  So when she went to the bird mart in March she brought this home and surprised me with it.  First she washed it outside to disinfect it and while it was out side she took me out to see it so I wouldn't be afraid of it when she bought it in the house.  I got right on it after she brought it inside but I wasn't sure about the ladder, I wasn't sure how to get down to the lower section.  It wasn't too long before I figured how to go up and down the steps.  Now I get some exercise. 

I have also been able to go outside in the one aviary cage on warm days for a few hours.  I know summer is going to be here soon and my Mom is going to try  to put me outside my often.  Well, I guess this is all that's new for now, see you all later!



- 6/5/03 Outdoors -
This is a cage set up on the other side of the yard that my mom uses as a quarantine area for when she gets new birds.  I'm not really too happy in this area as I do not feel safe and secluded like I do over on the other side of the yard.  My Mom will be moving me soon into another large aviary that I have been in before and I like it.  It's the aviary that Guy and Missey were in.


- 7/13/03 Outdoors
Here I am in the other aviary, it is 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and 8 feet high.  You can see me sitting in the back area.  I will not stay in here come winter time as my Mom will move me back into the house when it starts turning cold in September or early October.  I have a lot of room in here and I have it all to myself.  Felix and Jasper are in a small section to the right side of me which is about 2 feet wide by 3 feet long and 6 feet high.

January 2004 ~ look at our Scarlet Macaw - so do you think she is my sister?

Another New Chihuahua


July 11, 2003 New Family Member  ~ This is a small pup.
7 weeks old and weighing in at 1 pound 9 ounces and 6 inches high.  This  pup should weigh less than 6 pounds when full grown.
November 2003 ~ Another New Member on the same page - a female named Sally, check it out!


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