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We require a certain size for image attachments that can be added to a post:
Each post will allow up to 6 images, each image can not exceed 116 kb (kilobits) in order to upload to your post otherwise the system rejects it. Attachments can not exceed 700 kb total for each post. 

Please try to keep image size as low as possible in kb (kilobits) and make sure it is not so small that we really can not see it well!

As far as pixel size nothing over 700 x 700 pixels in each direction.

How to upload your image(s):

On the posting screen page below the text field where you type in is an area called -Attachments and other options click on that and it opens up the field where you will see to browse your computer to attach the image. If you want more than one image then click on the (more attachments) to add another one and so on up to 6 attachments... again, please be sure of the required attachment size that is specified above otherwise your image will not upload.

You can also add in your links to your photo accounts that you use, like photobucket or others. Again, these images must meet our required size.

All images show below the post.

If you have further questions or concerns about images, then please start a topic on it.


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