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Lurch has runny nose

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Like it says, it's pretty warm today and I was outside doing some car stuff before we leave to do Easter dinner. Lurch was sitting on the chair close to the window so I said hi to him and he looked all comfy but I noticed a little bubble of like snot by the right nare.
I wiped it off and he wasn't liking that so I watched him and he bubbled out another one a bit later but doesn't seem to be in distress and his breathing is the same as it's always been for him. Do Maxi Pionus tend to sweat or let moisture out through their noses if it's warm and humid for them or is he getting some kind of nasal issue?
We're thinking we need to take him in tomorrow after work or maybe take the day off if it sounds bad enough or he starts acting like it's bothering him but want some opinions, advice. His weight is exactly the same as it was the last time I manged to get him to hold still long enough to get a reading, he's eating and drinking and pooping like normal, and he seems to have his normal amount of strength and flight time.
Anyone seen this before and is it something they occasionally do or pretty serious. Getting him in the carrier should be fun but we do have a vet we've used before that knows birds.
Thanks for any info.
I posted this on AA too but maybe everyone here knows more about Pionus birds in general.

I tried looking up in Practical Pionus but didnt find anything....sorry. hope he is better soon

Yeah, I don't think it's normal, never remember Nerd ever getting a runny nose but Nerd also would get the bird version of a cough when he had issues and sometimes when he sneezed it would be a like a wet sneeze. Lurch has never coughed and doesn't seem to sneeze excessively so hoping if he has anything it's something minor that can be cleared up easily. He needs a general checkup and his nails trimmed anyways.

It never hurts to bring him in, except of course your hands may get hurt  :wink1:. Always better to catch anything early - and have fun if you have to give him antibiotics.

Yeah, Nerd was easy as he would let me reach into his house without too much fuss and I'd just push his beak up to the bars and get the meds in there before he got too pissy. I think Lurch will be another problem entirely though and I do like my fingers right where they are with all the skin still on them. Of course we were gone for a couple of hours at moms for Easter dinner and now his nose is pretty much dry and he's still acting like nothings wrong.
One of the folks on AA posted that her large parrot had issues with dry air in her house and would get a stuffy nose and occasionally even end up blowing bubbles and giving him fresh air and higher humidity fixed him right up so at least now Lurch isn't the only one that has done this and we'll take him in this week and get him checked out to stay on top of anything before it gets bad or at least find out what's happening just in case.


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