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While Pionus subjects are interesting to those who love Pionus, it simply is not attracting enough activity here. I am taking this forum on an adventure and making it a full blown parrot related layout with many forums.  I once had it that way but sometime back when I had sever complications with the board going down and brought back a newer version, I could not rebuild it to what is was so since then I've tried to just dedicate a small community of Pionus only but it still lacks visitors and members.

So yes, you see a new logo image up at the top of the board and we are now going to be called "Parrot Friends".  The URL address for here remains the same.

Please also note that we are keeping it simple without all the extra frills of exciting things that some forums have ... even though this board is capable to having it, it really makes for added headaches of problems being that most modifications are scripts that can be hacked and cause problems.

So hope you all will help us get rolling with more registered members so we can be more active!


So?  What do you all think of the new layout and the new forum logo?

The new layout is similar to the old one before the crash - however I really liked the old logo of all Pionus parrots

There we go a reply button :shades: Like I said in the other area it'd be cool to say we like Pionus as our first love to let folks know  where we started. I think all the cool birds in the new logo looks great and all our old friends are still there. The new forums should just about cover any feathered friend so it should work for folks that maybe wanted to post but thought they had to at least have a Pionus first.

I like the new look! A great idea!


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