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Adam really is a big boy

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We got back from the vet's a little while ago. Both boys were saying good boy on the way there and they were pretty well behaved for their trims except there was some yelling and squawking. My vet's husband, who also does wildlife rehab and education and runs The Creature Conservancy  does the trimming and he is amazing. He weighed them for me and Chante, 2 yr old bronze wing, is now 241 gr but speaki of weight gain - Adam was 314 gr !!! But they said he seems really healthy, just big

By big boy I thought you meant all grown up. But Adam IS a very big boy. Wow.

They sure can vary in size. Does it seem like the males can be bigger? Dobby is pretty beefy, but have not weighed him in a while.

Lurch weighs in at 250 the last two times I weighed him and old Nerdel was usually 214 but he was very skinny his whole life and still seemed happy and healthy.
Lurch seems like a tank compared to Nerd and is about at least a third bigger so Adam must be pretty huge for a Pionus other then a Sy like Eloy.

I have two males....but not that big. My wcp is 185 gr but wcp are the smaller tupe of pi. My maxi/cb is 250 grams and he is big to me but apparently I have small birds.

Yes, Eloy and Adam must be cousins :icon_mrgreen:


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