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Sphere play stations

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I have seen the sphere on line for the past year. I decided against one due to the expense and couldn't imagine hanging anything that gave my birds the opportunity to poop on the floor. I read all of the reviews and finally opened my wallet. What a great investment! Both of my birds love the Atom (glad to provide them another means to exercise and entertain themselves) and a piece of paper under the Atom helps in my quest to not dirty my house more (hard task with birds).  It stays amazingly clean and seems designed in a way that droppings go to the newspaper on the  floor not on it.....or I may just be lucky so far! I have hear of putting it in the dishwasher (taking top shelf off) to clean it.

Good investment. I attached a ladder as Charlie prefers to walk and climb rather than fly...but ladder isn't really used

I should have posted yesterday but yesterday and today only Mother Pluckin Bird Toys is having 15% off, and they make the atoms. Use the coupon 'holiday'

Mine love theirs better than the boings, and I put a beach towel on the floor. They sit and look out the window.  Seems to make them feel enclosed but not confined, I think.

Very interesting perspective on why so popular, Momazon. Cetan I ordered a second about a few weeks ago. Got 10% discount at time as MPBT didn't offer discount on atoms on Xmas last year. Darn Darn Darn. Missed out on 15% but better than full price

Anyone ordering please note you can add toys to order and not increase shipping


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