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Haven't been here for quite a while between recovering from my knee replacement surgery in April, then getting an unexpected member to the flock in September. We'd wanted Blue-headed but with 3 birds Bronco my Meyers, Xev our White Capped and Holly our Bronze Wing we were getting short on room.
Our friend breeds Pionus, Duskies, White Capped, Bronze Winged & Blue Headed and we'd socialized the 2012 Blue-headed clutch until they went to their homes or so we thought. We had an empty cage in the living room and got the call that Lady now 11 months was being returned by her second owners, could we please take her since we were experienced with parrots especially Pi's. The 2 homes she'd been in didn't have a clue and after 3 months with us, she startled me by saving "mummy loves you" today. She's doing well but is nervous around my husband and can be nippy.

Welcome back! How exciting to add a blue head. Having several different species of pi is sort of a pipedream of mine so I am now living it through you!  Would love to hear how your pi interact with one another. Is your white cap male? Wishing you a lot of joy with Lady

Hi Maxsmom
Xev(Zev) our WC is female too so it gets loud here during breeding season and when Lady is older I think we'll need earplugs even if we do move them into a larger room. At the moment Bronco my Meyers is the only one showing an objections to Lady. Holly and Xev know she's another Pi. Our cats are terrified of her because they know birds bite and she had such a hard clip at one of her previous  homes that she dives off their java tree, hits the floor then comes running to find me.
She's miss piggy when it comes to food but her favourites besides her pellets are baby spinach and raw carrots. When we can get them moved into the same room maybe she can teach the others better eating habits!lol

I am glad to hear your two pi are welcoming of a new pi.  Great to hear of Lady's eating habits.

So your pi are loud? One of mine is pretty quiet, talkative and fiesty,  but quiet except in shower. The other is quiet a lot but screams once in a while. Interesting how all pionus parrots aren't  quiet. I guess it depends like with people

I also think it depends on how many you have and their sex. We have 3 females and they like to chatter away. Holly and Lady try to talk to each other in English while Xev makes herself known in bird talk. I wish I could tape Holly and Xev having a conversation because you hear Holly saying "Hello What's up?  then Xev answering in bird talk with Lady down the hall asking "Why?" and finally Bronco asking "What's the problem?" and laughing.

Breeding season is the worst with Holly making her love call for my husband which is undescribable, then Xev joining in and Bronco making his plaintiff whistles for them to shut up.


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