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Blu Pi Respiratory Issues
« on: November 13, 2013, 12:48:03 PM »
Hi, my name is Eric and I raise Gouldian finches but I have a Blu Pi named Stinky that has been my buddy for some 28 years now. We live in Southern California, Ventura County.

Stinky came to me by way of a run in with a window at a strip mall store where my, at the time girlfriend worked. She called me about this parrot because I had finches and she thought I could help. I brought Stinky home. Stinky had all the head color of an adult Blu Pi so I’m guessing Stinky is ~30+ years old?

Over the years Stinky has run the gambit of challenges; broken wing, broken leg, cloudy right eye and has been to the vet for all. Stinky’s latest issue has something to do with the respiratory system and has carried on for some six – eight weeks now.

Stinky’s symptoms include heavy breathing with wheezing and a custardy mucus from the mouth. No nasal discharge, stools seem normal. Stinky displays normal behaviors and appetite for the most part. My wife has had Stinky to the local Vet twice now for this issue with the last visit spending two nights in an incubator for warmth and nebulizer treatment, shots. Both visits Stinky has come home with antibiotic medicines (Baytril and a Steriod nose drops) that we’ve administered as directed. The bill$ come home too. Although these visits seemed to help somewhat, Stinky has relapsed and we’re looking for that, “I’ve seen that before”, from the Pionus forum.

Stinky and I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions within rea$on.

Thank you,

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Re: Blu Pi Respiratory Issues
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2013, 02:10:21 PM »
Wow 30 + years is impressive. of the oldest pi of which I have heard.

My only advice would be to try another avian vet for a second opinion.  Wishing you the best.
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Re: Blu Pi Respiratory Issues
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2013, 02:25:46 PM »
Welcome, and sorry Stinky is ill.  I have not have had a pi over 3 1/2 years, but my zon is 11.  Still, never had respiratory issues, guessing it is due to their young ages and my somewhat adequate efforts at good housekeeping  :vacuum: Maybe just plain dumb luck? 

My only suggestion is to travel to an avian vet, and try to use all the meds they prescribe.  Good luck, regular vets just do not seem to understand avian problems.

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Re: Blu Pi Respiratory Issues
« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2013, 06:02:44 PM »
Hi Eric,
I'm in the OC, and I used to have Gouldians years ago, in fact that's where my love for birds all started. Not sure who to recommend near Ventura, but as others have stated, make sure the vet is an AVIAN specialist. A couple times in the past I learned the hard way that not all vets who say they are familiar with birds really are, and have no business dealing with birds. They a lot of times just want the money I think. I am not sure what Aspergillosis symptoms are (I have to read up on it) but Pionus are susceptible to this respiratory issue. I believe it's from fungus -mold.

I have an idea, if you want to get a second opinion at a qualified avian vet's office, I'd call around the bird specialty stores in your area and ask what avian vet they recommend, or use for the babies they sell. Good luck. I hope Stinky gets better asap.