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Georgeous BW in CA



Honestly I fight MBS every week.  I have a weakness for BW. If I lived in CA I am not sure I could resist this guy.

Mickaboo has several pionus including Maxi. 

Julie T:
I have MBS bad too, but I can dream. Like you, it is just not feasible right now and for the forseeable future to have any more. I think it does get challenging to give personal one on one attention to more than 2 if you are the sole bird keeper, especially if the birds don't get along with each other and you have to find separate time for both. I guess people who have many birds is a lot like having lots of kids vs an only child. If you have that you manage somehow  :)

 My fault for mentioning MBS in my original  post  but :offtopic: This thread is all about getting a bird who needs a home a new home :wink1:

A lot of the pionus who had been listed by Mickaboo seem to not be on petfinder anymore. I hope that means good news for them. Only saw a Maxi listed for Mickaboo on petfinder


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