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Danger at bath time

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Julie T:
I figured I should maybe post this for the heck of it, though I'm sure bird owners out there have common sense... Still, this happened  :shocking:

Bathtime especially regarding very small species:

When we spray or shower our birds, it's fairly easy to direct the water spray so as to not directly hit the face and drown them. On occasion, a small bit of water might get in the nostrils and they sneeze it out, no big deal.

The budgies are not tame enough to sit there and spray, and a shower seemed too powerful for such a small bird, so yesterday my husband and I decided on a bath for the little guys. We bathed the two budgies in a shallow amount of lukewarm water in the bath tub. Aside from not liking to be handled, they would seem to actually enjoy supervised "swimming". Previously we would do it in the sink, not tub, and one bird at a time making sure their little heads stayed out of the water as they would actually float and paddle around like a duck OR if they wanted to, they could stand on the bottom, as we made sure the water is not too deep.

The problem happened when yesterday we put the two in together in the tub. One hopped on the other one's back and pushed him completely underwater. Only for a second, but long story short, Twigs was spitting up water for a half hour afterward, and was completely exhausted. We used a warm (not hot) blow dryer at a safe distance to dry them off and back to a warm cage to rest. Twigs was singing and active and eating today, but is napping now. I can't tell if it's more than usual, I might just be paranoid. I'll keep watching him to see if he needs vet care.

These little guys are so tiny, it doesn't take much for something to 'happen'. Obviously we use caution for Pi's and larger birds too, but just something to keep in mind for those of us who have the little guys also. I've heard that a leading cause of death for tiny species is accidents because they are so small and delicate, as I had a reminder of this yesterday.

Great post :bighug:

Julie T:
Thank you maxsmom.
Twigs was still recovering yesterday I think. He was sleeping at one point as Pix was singing to him (when they usually do it mutually). Thank goodness he looks fine tonight and is preening Pix and seems normal.

Great to hear! Scary. All need to keep that in mind regarding bathing

Hope he is better, thanks for the warning. 


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