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So with the new year I decided to move the birds' cages to give them new perspective. I switched the cage locations. One cage is in front of a large window facing my backyard and the other faces a small window on the side. Max was moved to the smaller window and Charlie to the large. Both are adjusting. Will watch and see how Max does with far less ability to see what is going on outside when he is is his cage. Charlie was a bit freaked out when I acquired him a year ago so a large window didn't seem like a good idea previously. Will wait and see how it goes. Wish I could give them equal window exposure :dunno:

Any experiences with switching cage locations?

Julie T:
The only time my birds have ever had a "change" of scenery was when I would move. I'd always be concerned about their stress of a new environment, but they would adjust just fine like it was nothing. Especially since it is still your same home, I think they'll adjust to it right away.

I would do it too if I could. At the apartment we're currently at, there are not a lot of options. As the floor plan is, furniture and tv need to go in certain spots, and there is not a lot of light coming in here unfortunately. I guess it's the direction the dining and living room windows are facing. I do like the window idea, but in my case I don't like all the kids in the community looking into our windows like they do trying to spy on the budgies!

Will be interesting to see if Charlie and Max are indifferent about the new locations, or if they tell you they like it better or worse.

So far there is confusion so not sure. And yes as you describe issue for me too  is using windows where people can't look into my home. Change may be too much but will monitor situation

I have to laugh when I read your post.  I made the mistake of using my Pionus' cage for an African Grey that came to live with us for a year.  She went into a smaller one she had previously lived in.   She hated the new bird... totally got off on the wrong foot, and I'm sure the cage switch was the cause of the initial problems.  Any chance she got, there she went into his cage and sat there glowering at anyone that approached - you could just see her sending telepathic messages, "MY CAGE!"

Poor girl... it was just so unfair to her.... if I had been thinking at all, I should have just begged, borrowed or bought new cages for both of them.

People (me) can be so much stupider than their birds. :biglaughing:

Didn't switch cages - just locations. And now seeing if they can share view of big window. Max was having tough time with new location. Change can be tough


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