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     Meloni is a 9 year old Dusky.  I received her as a gift from my husband.  She was hatched in Florida, and spent her weaning period in New Jersey.  My husband - who is not a animal person, flew her home on commercial air.  He had to take her out of her under-seat travel carrier for the security inspection.  The poor guy, he just reached in and grabbed her.  By the time the inspection was over and he placed her back in the carrier, his hand was bloody from tip of thumb all the way around to the tip of the first finger.
     After about four months of living with Meloni, I finally called the folks in New Jersey asking about her behavior - their response, "yeah, she was always the crabby one of the bunch."  So, her behavior might not be reflective of the breed as a whole...
     She picks and chooses when she wants to step up.  She will raise her foot to indicate she is willing to step up.  Melnoi will step up readily for strangers if she is already out of her cage.  She will lean over and flutter her wings to indicate she wants to join you.  In the nine years we've lived together, she has only flown onto me three times.
     She likes her sleep, but it is always safer to use a stick to bring her into the cage.  That is one of the few times Meloni has bitten me, putting her back into her cage.  Because the parrots have the whole porch to live/play in, she resents being kept in her cage. She'll hold a grudge for a couple days.
     Meloni wants to be near whatever is going on... not directly involved, just nearby.  She will sit quietly for a couple of house on top of my computer monitor while I'm working.  I think she likes the heat that comes off the monitor.  She will also walk about the floor finding things to chew, like the base of the bookcase.  Any cardboard or paper on the floor will have bite marks left on it.  She likes cardboard boxes and will quickly chew a hole through them.  I would say she enjoys paper toys over wood toys, and could care less about anything plastic or acrylic.  She loves to forage... I cannot stress that enough - she loves to forage, the more puzzles, gift boxes, paper wrapped nuts, etc., the better.
     Meloni enjoys fresh organic or locally grown corn, peas, bananas, apples, potatoes, kale, broccoli, flowers, beans, black eyed peas, and pasta.  During the day we also enjoy Goldenfeasts Bean Supreme, and Goldenfeasts dehydrated vegetables.  My birds enjoy and always have access to a mix of Zupreen's pellets and Tropicana's sticks.
     Meloni loves showers and the hair dryer!  Not at the same time, of course!  Hahaha 
Meloni does not like other birds... and she lets them know it.  She is a danger to other birds.  Enough said about that.
     Noise - I had my two Pionus in an apartment for two years - none of my neighbors ever realized I had birds unless they saw them.  However, Meloni makes a pretty noisy call when my cockatoo is away from the porch for too long (like if we take a walk without her), and infrequently at dusk, just because she wants to.  That is pretty noisy and not very pleasant, but it doesn't last long.  Not anywhere near as loud as a cockatoo, and not as irritating as a sun conure's calls.
     When I boarded her with our avian vet for a month (never again) she was kept too cold and, unbeknownst to me, kept in the cat room.  She plucked all her tail feathers out.  They have since grown back and she has shown no other indication she wants to pluck.  She looked really funny without her tail.
     Thats it... all I can think of at  the moment.  Remember, this is a portrait of just one bird and not indicative of the breed as a whole.

She's very pretty and happy looking sitting on your finger. Thanks for the info and pic. Nerd bird also loved just being with me or near the action and would request treats and scritches as he felt the need, or just happily preen and snooze.
Lurch is much bigger, more outgoing and grumpy, but also can be loving and also loves hanging out, getting scritches and treats. Nerd is no longer with us :rip: and Lurch we are still working on 4 1/2 years later but he's getting there and I can read him better now. I say they are like feathered cats :shades:
Nerd and Lurch were/are Maxi's

Thanks for the introduction to Meloni. Sounds like she has a lot of sass..I know someone who has a dusky female. Her bird wants nothing to do with other birds and is a one person bird. She describes her bird as sweet and perfect.

So interesting to hear of others' adventures with their pionus. Really appreciate that you shared. I am enjoying this pionus journey.....

Julie T:
Melons is gorgeous. I just love the Dusky's colors!

From what I've heard/read of other Duskies on the internet, it seems like her personality characteristics are probably pretty typical of Duskies (generally speaking).

If BW's weren't my favorite Pi's I'd probably have looked for Dusky, being that they are some of my favorite colors. Those muted gray or tan purples and mauves are exquisite!

Very beautiful girl! ♥♥♥ And Eloy agree.  :icon_mrgreen:


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