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At yours truly .... http://www.bluesbirdtoys.com

Oh, boy, you have a sale and I finally have money, wheeee! Do you print my address on the parrot address labels, or are they blank?  Also, what do I do when it wants to figure postage?

I mean, do I just type in USPS, or is there more to it?


For the return address labels, you would just type in the text field the name and address you want me to print on the labels that you are ordering. There are stock photos on there that you can see to choose from or you can upload your own custom image for your label.  Then I put the image on the label along with the name and address.

LOL! I really don't have an actual sales going ... there are some things that are on sell though out the site.  To get free shipping you would just need to apply the coupon code in the appropriate area for coupon codes which you would enter USPS  then click the go button to apply it.  Your order has to be at least $25 for the coupon code to give you the free shipping. If $25 or more is being purchased then it will default to give you the free shipping.


AND did you just order?  I got an order with address labels and the Sassy Ladles as I just posted my post above!! LOL! 


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