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Which veggies does your pi eat?

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I have been struggling for nearly a daily basis for over a year to get Charlie to eat more veggies. A lot of food has been wasted. But I really do not want him on a mostly pellet and nutriberry diet. He readily eats corn but there is no other veggie I can definitely get him to eat. I do hide veggies in his Avian Organics bird bread though. I have tried mash. Cold. Warm. Chopped. Sweet potaoto. Sprinkling with hot pepper. Etc. I know Eloy eats everything under sun. For those of you with older pi....what veggies are a sure thing with your pi? Thanks for any ideas

Julie T:
So far, from what I've given him BW Raven likes:

Red bell pepper
Peas (thawed frozen)
Butternut squash (thawed frozen, very mushy)

* just tried raw yams today. He took some bites out of the chunks, but I think he's unfamiliar with it yet and is getting used to it. At least he tried it!

I know the reason Raven is a good veggie eater is because he was just recently weaned (onto veggies and pellets). Older birds I know are so much harder. Robin only "juices" carrots and eats peas for veggies. I have tried and tried, and have never been able to get him on any other nutritious foods, that's why he gets Harrison's. I wish I had a suggestion for Charlie.  :) I know it's frustrating.

Oh! The fact that Robin juices his carrots just gave me an idea! :Idea: How about getting a juicer (or any other way you can think of to get some juice out of veggies) and pour it on his other foods? Vegetable juice has tons of nutrition!

Veggie juice is an idea@! Thanks

Lo and behold I came home from work TODAY and Charlie's veggie bowl was empty and hardly any was on floor of his cage. I keep looking around to find the veggies......I think he ate the mash/chop of kale, chard, apple, pomegranate, broccoli, carrot, red pepper

Apparently I am dreaming. Hard to believe. I am lessening his supply of pellets so maybe I am wearing him down. Just offered dinner and he only nibbled a bit so he isn't starved

Julie T:
Awesome  :icon_mrgreen:  maybe since you've been reducing the pellets, he is starting to realize that what's in his bowl is what he has to eat! Hope this is a trend... Keep us posted!

All mine eat them better when they are on a skewer, with us eating at the table at the same time.  They also eat better when they can steal veg off our salads.


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