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"cat cage" for Pi?

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For those who have not seen my other post, I am not a Pi mom yet. I am still in the process of locating my new feather baby so am in the shopping phase for other possibly bigger cages. As well as all other fun goodies  :wink1:
Came across this large"cat cage" for pretty cheap for the size and wondering if it would be acceptable for a Pi?
It would need locking clips for the doors, but looks like the shelves are removable and powder coated. Grated bottom. It doesn't have fancy swing out dishes, but for a Pi on a budget, would this type of thing be safe?



It really looks too narrow to me. Cage should be 32x 23 at least for a pi according to guidance I have seen. Does Mickaboo have minimum cage size requirements? I at first had 24 x 24 cage for my wcp but it soon proved too smAll. I also feel you would quickly regret not having easy access food and water dish doors if your bird were ever cage aggressive. Petco had a Mink Designer cage that has been inexpensive and  roomy - 30 x 30. I just looked for link for you - there was a price jump recently it appears. The cage had been $99-125. That cage is in my local CL at the low price but I think you are in CA. There is also a cage by A&E that is 32 x 23 with 5/8 spacing - but again prices are up. See if petco has a sale for Presidents Day weekend. Lots of people loved Mink cage because of price.. Can't believe price jump but price should come down.

I believe there is a link on here with advice that includes cage size recommendations. Rescues often require a certain cage size in order to adopt in my experience.

I've got one similar to that size. It's an open top, not a play top though. I'm wasn't too worried about a play top. I was going to put a play stand next to his cage door he could come out on.
That cat cage is a solid 5 feet tall all open cage space. Most "parrot" cages seem to be mostly stand unless you get into macaw size cages. I didn't think about the narrowness though, that's a good point. I wish I could have an open bird room. I hate caging them up.

Pionus tend to stay near top of cage. So 5 foot is great but they really aren't going to use bottom half of cage. So having a cage on a stand actually isn't bad. Plus it gives them a sense of protection for being higher off floor. Width and length are more important than height.


This thread discusses birds wanting to be high up.

Looking for link on here with recommended cage size

Consider buying Practical Pionus by Russ Shade


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