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he likes me


Charlie is regurgitating as soon as I walk in the door most days these days. He is very active  and vocal these days. He walks all over and calls for me a lot. Hormones are a trip. But nice to know he is happy I come home....hormones and all

Julie T:
Nice to be loved and appreciated by our birdies  :) Have you experienced any aggression with the hormones? I've always read about the male hormonal aggression, and experienced it with other species. Is that not necessarily a part of the hormonal phase with Pi's?

That regugitating is such a weird looking way to love a human!!!

Momaxon Yes regurgitating is a weird thing to accept as a sign that he likes me. Interesting that he is suddenly doing it a lot.

Julie - my birds aren't more aggressive now. They give clear signs when they want me to back away 99% of the time. They do the same when they want my attention. They both have quirks. Life with them isn't different now except Charlie is ubber animated these days.


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