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Hi -

Lately I have been realizing that while I have provided lots of toys that perhaps they were not the right type of toys for my birds or not enough variety.  Charlie is a chewer.  But it is pine wood and not on the thin size he chews a little but doesn't bother much...same with Max.  So larger blocks even as wide as 1/4 inch do not always interest him always (although he loves the Chunky Monkey by Oliver's Garden).  I found balsa 1/4 slats though and he goes through them daily.  He starts chewing even as I put them in the cage on a skewer.  I found some pine 1/8 wafers and those are a huge hit.  I switched some of Max's toys to thinner wood or balsa and have noticed a change as well.  So the wooden spools, beads, slats, etc that I had bought and lasted me a year lasted not because Max isn't a big chewer but because they weren't in size or type of wood he preferred.  Given they are chewing through at least 2 skewers of wood parts a day each I am trying to  mainly use toy parts rather than buy toys.  When I buy toys, they seem to do better with the toys for little birds rather than mid sized ones.  Keeping their minds occupied is an expensive endeavor....I also use paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls and stuff tissue paper through...also a hit (sometimes Charlie picks the roll up and shakes it at me or Max if we are getting in his space too much.  I wonder if I should be providing more mental challenge with harder toys but it seems that not too much challenge will actually discourage my birds.  I guess for now I am sticking to what they will actually use

What is your experience with the type of bird toys your birds really use?

Julie T:
So far, it seems like Raven's favorite toys are any shreddable type. Except this one shreddable that he doesn't touch. Like your Pi's, Raven also is not interested in the wood block toy with 1/2" thick pieces. When Nancy said Chante is a real wood chewer, I was prepared to have to get more wood, but turns out he's not a big chewer at all. I can't give that toy to little Robin either, since he also only likes wood if it's much smaller than intended for his beak size. Maybe I will hang it in a different position and see if it can at least get some use!
I figure with Raven, as his personality continues to open up here, and as he gets older we'll see if his tastes change or not. So far it doesn't seem like he is super into playing with toys.

It's surprising that my mom's Princes of Wales parakeet (which is usually just kept as an aviary species), actually will pull down on a couple small plastic rings on a treat dispenser to get his treat. He is so smart and active. People often underestimate smaller species.
Anyhow, the parrots Robin and Raven don't seem too interested in smart toys... Too lazy? LOL

Try smaller, less thick wood with Raven

All Pionus love the punch holes in paper game so save junk mail and like that and act like you want it and they'll sneak up and chomp away.
Think I still have a dollar bill Nerd got before I caught him that has many beak sized notches in it.
Lurch loves chewing on the empty splenda packets too and will chew them like gum and I think he cleans his beak with them plus he probably gets some sweet taste too.

Anything Eloy can destroy is/was a good toy!  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
If I can decide, this is NOT Eloys toys, but he think so.. (He owns everything here, including me. LOL!)


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