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Pi having fun with parakeets

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Julie T:
Because Raven is still young and very tolerant of other birds, we thought it would be fun. Of course with close supervision. Pix and Twigs didn't know what to think! Robin couldn't be included since he'd like to kill them all!

Everyone is here visiting Twigs (yellow). Pix has his own cage now because vet ordered a diet. He also has a tough personal trainer, with sessions every day :) He already lost a few grams (45g now). 14g more to go!

I used to have a couple of parakeets before The family finally decided I could have another parrot and Nerd and Ferd used to love going into the keets cage and stealing their food. Looked like a huge green dinosaur or two sitting in there and I think the keets were smart enough to be upset but leave them alone.

One of my internet friends has a Maxi Pi that now makes budgie sounds picked up from her two. My sweet budgie Mac who passed away on Dec used to love sitting on Adams cage and singing to him, Adam would tolerate it for a while but he is not the most social of birds and eventually would just sort of hiss at Mac who would fly away and start all over again about 5 minutes later.

Wow! Raven looks so big in comparison

How adorable looking Raven is with his widdle friends.  He does look a bit menacing but the budgies don't seem to mind.  :icon_mrgreen:

It is so nice that you can let them interact and everyone keeps all toes intact.  None of my birds likes the next one, except the 10 budgies in the same cage together. The rest all have to have their own play perches and enclosures/cages (I keep calling them enclosures cause the macaws have walk in homes and I don't consider a 5'X5'X6' space a cage). And they definitely don't like me messing with another. And if I walk too close to one holding another one I get a smart nip on the arm from a macaw for forgetting my manners.  :biglaughing:


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