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someone  on one of the facebook Pionus groups I am in posted a picture of her 3 yr old blue head but she has a yellowish colored beak, not black like I have typically seen. She said that the breeder told her that both the parents also have light beaks. So you think it is possible they are hybrids? Maybe with a bronze wing. Here is a picture

Julie T:
Wow  :shocking: really interesting! I was thinking maybe crossed with something closely related like Amazon? Second thought, maybe not. My guess wouldn't be BW. Hmm, I'm stumped.  :dunno:

I looked at the fact sheet that lists subspecies. This bird doesn't fit description for BH subspecies.  I actually think there is a mix of white cap in this bird. Yellow beak and white chin are typical of wcp. But I have seen photos of 2 BH- WC hybrid pi. They have peach colored cap. But all hybrids do not look alike. The blue on this bird is closer to WC blue than brightness of BH blue. Anyway my guess is BH bred with WC is at some point in this bird's ancestry if not the direct parents.

And I just noticed grey/black on beak. Max had a little black on his beak as a baby but now has pure yellow beak as an almost 2 year old. It is bird is 3 years old that is further evidence of hybrid somewhere in his past.

Also the  breeder may have been honest but misinformed. For instance when I call Charlie's breeder after I adopted him I found out the breeder thought he was maximilian and had not realized she created a hybrid until I called and she checked her records.  A male CB died and when she put a female CB in a cage with a maxi male and female a hybrid was created.  My vet says breeders often do not know they have hybrids.....lots of irresponsible breeding out there like with Charlie.

Julie T:
Maxsmom said just what I was thinking (white capped) but didn't say it because the lack of any sort of cap threw me off. The chest looks like WC in there somewhere I thought.

Sad that breeders often don't know what they have. Eclectus have similar looking subspecies, and now they are all mixed up. The longtime pro breeders dedicated to preserving the different subspecies are few and far between.
The only exception where I personally think hybridization is okay is in the large macaws for pet purposes. Some of the color combos they get are so gorgeous.


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