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How do I resize a photo? Thanks

Well ... do you have a program on your PC like photoshop or something similar to that?  you can size photo images down that way.  There are online photo sizing sites but I think it really requires you to upload your image to their site then it probably sends it back to you through email or the browser and then save it.

We had one listed on the previous Pionus forum but now for the life of me I am not sure what it was called - it was one where you download the small program to your PC then you can use it that way, which I prefer to do it that way.  I generally use Photoshop and also I think the Microsoft Windows Image Viewer which are usually on most PC, have an area in that I to resize ... I think.  I'll investigate some more and come up with something simple that you can use, see if I can find that one I was talking about that I like.

Well, I looked around and can not find that one I used and was listed on the other forum but this one you can download to your PC to use.  It's had a lot of downloads so it must be popular.  It shows a few screenshots of how it would look like when using. I'll download it too and try it out as well.


Okay!  I downloaded that one I gave the link to in my above post, it took less than a 1 minute to download onto my PC.  I thought it would put an icon on the desk top but it didn't but like it shows in their screenshot ... just go to a picture on your PC like in Internet Explorer and then right click on the image you want to resize then in the dropdown it will have "Reize Pictures"  Then it a few seconds it will take you to a menu where you can select the image size ... you may want to do custom pixel size if it needs to be smaller than the option sizes they give you.  I know this can be helpful for me because often I do not want to open up Photoshop just to resize unless I am going to put text on top of the image.

So hope this helps.

Thanks. Having difficulty getting photos downloaded from phone to computer so will work on that. Once that is accomplished I will try program you suggest so I can get Charlie's photo posted.

Sounds like Jan's solution is great, I use IRfanveiw here myself and it is also a free photo viewer  program that also has a lot of extra functions, one of them being re-size photos. I have used it for years since I discovered it looking for a good free photo viewer for my PC.
When it opens a photo for you up top there are all kinds of functions you can pick and one of them is re size and it also lets you do standard sizes, custom sizes, and even control the amount of compression when you save to JPEG format so you can get a bigger but slightly less sharp pic if you want rather then a tiny and hard to see but sharp pic, plus it will sharpen and all kinds of things too if you poke around the options.
Here's the page for it It also plays almost any video too :) I'd check this and Jan's and see which one you like best, they both are pretty small programs so keep the one that works for you.


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