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Stolen Blue headed Pionus Roxie in Ranch Cordova Casa


Please help me spread the word my blue headed pionus Roxie a male micro chipped along with two other birds the love of his life Maya a African red belly, and Scarlett a male african grey have been stolen while in the care of Child in flight in Rancho Cordova. The other birds have bands and are micro chipped.   We are beside ourselves we believe we have run afoul of a bird selling ring and are trying to find our birds before they have been sold.  This began to the best of our knowledge on February 14.  We are offering a reward.

Thank you

I hope you can retrieve your birds. Heartbreaking.  I hope the police are helpful and you are able to post on lost parrot sites. Glad your birds are chipped

Julie T:
I'm so sorry to hear of this happening. It's upsetting to even read about. I hope they can be recovered and brought back safely to you. Best of luck.

This is heartbreaking. I live in fear of theft.


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