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maxi at parrotville. Brunswick, Ohio

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3 yr old rehoming maxi listed at Parrotville store. Listed at 299.00. Steps up, said to be friendly and gender not known.  Thought anyone in NEW. Ohio might be interested. They do ship if needed.

Good price, hope somebody close gets him and gives him a forever home. That's what I paid locally for Lurch and they generally go for more then that but being drab to most folks deals are out there from time to time.
If they have a web site it would help folks to see him I'd think.

If I had room for another I would get him but until I can get a house I have reached my space limit.

Went to see pi and brought him home. The owner remembered me and said she was happy as I would know what to do with any adjustment behavior. So Max has a home.

Congrats! :)


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